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Meet The Team

Dedicated to challenging the boundaries of discrimination and redressing human rights violations. Our team are firmly at the front of the constantly changing legal landscape.

Key People

MYM Solicitors in Slough, London has a well-built standing with revolutionary, vibrant, client-focused legal experts, who are specialists in their fields and offer advanced client maintain from open to end.

MYM Solicitors team based in Slough is young, energetic, strong helpful and represents true value. We thrive by offering excellent and strong client service, which remains at the core of our firm.

As the requirement for our services has improved, the firm has also grown to meet up that claim while maintaining our philosophy and strengths. We have developed a team of MYM Solicitor, consultants, and advocates who take pride in providing efficient resolutions to legal issues and high-quality representation.


Humayun Akhter

Job Title

Sadaf Shakeel



Majid Malik

Solicitor / Owner / Entrepreneur


Jovanda Guri


Aleksandra Jankowiak


Solicitor / Director

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