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Driving Offences

We offer first no obligation, legal advice and initial consultation to our new clients at our Slough Office.

What is Driving Offences?

A driving offense occurs when someone driving a vehicle, or someone in a vehicle, breaks a law. A driver includes a rider, for example, a person riding a motorbike or a bicycle.


For some driving offenses, the driving needs to have taken place on a ‘road or road related area’. A road or road related area is more than just a public road, it includes:

  • a public street

  • the area that divides a road

  • a footpath or nature strip next to a road

  • a public area designed for cyclists or animals

  • a public area that is not a road, but is open for the use of the public to drive, ride or park vehicles.


If you or a family member has been charged with a road traffic offense, we can help. We have solicitors those who are the expert on dealing with every type of driving offense cases.

Why Choose MYM Solicitors For This Service?

Our team of specialist Solicitors for driving offenses includes Defence Lawyers who defend motorists for all types of motoring offenses. Our Lawyers regularly deal with a speeding ticket and drink driving offenses, and some of these cases have been reported in the national press.

Whether you have an SP30 driving offense or you’re facing a drunk driving conviction, call our motoring defense Lawyers for a free initial consultation and we’ll be happy to help.

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