Commissioner for Oaths & Solicitors in Slough. A commissioner for and or of the oath in the UK is a professional individual in the legal profession who is entrusted with the ability to witness the signing and swearing of any documents. A Solicitor, Legal Adviser, Barrister, Licensed Conveyancer in the UK is also a Commissioner for Oaths appointed by Lord Chancellors.

We have specialist solicitors who can provide you with the services of a commissioner for oath if you

  • change, witness / attest a will

  • making a power of attorney for purposes such as property, changing documents or authorising a relative or a lawyer in the specified country

  • statuary declaration

  • swearing an affidavit

  • change of name deed

  • Attestation and certification of documents (passports, driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, stop child abduction, travel consent forms for travelling to countries i.e Africa, Asia, USA, Canada and more)