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MYM Solicitor’s experienced UK Immigration Lawyers will assist you in achieving a successful outcome for your case.

What Is Immigration Law?

Immigration law refers to the national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from a country. Strictly speaking, it is distinct from other matters such as naturalization and citizenship, although they are often conflated.

There are many different types of immigration status. As an immigrant, You might be one of the following:

  • Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)

  • Temporary Visitor

  • Undocumented Immigrant

In many cases, it is imperative that you receive the best guidance as soon as possible. Our team will work with you to ensure that you avoid deportation and removal, and can legally stay in the UK.

If your UK Immigration status has been decided and you’re not happy with the outcome, let MYM Solicitors challenge the decision.

Why choose MYM Solicitors for this service?

At MYM, Immigration Solicitors Slough have experience and expertise of advising and dealing with all Immigration and European, Applications, Appeals, Administrative / Judicial Reviews, Bails, Detentions, and Deportation matters.

Our team has successfully navigated cases with various matters about UK Immigration, these include:

  • Points Based System

  • Dependent Settlement Visas

  • Visit Visas

Callback Request

If you’re not ready to make a claim but you are seeking just for an advice, you can contact us now or request a callback.

Simply fill out the form below and one of our advisors will call you back, within the next 24 hours.

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Above charges:

All our above charges are excluding vat and disbursements i.e. Home Office fees, IHS, Court fees, Experts fees, and Counsel fees. Just to make you aware our hourly rates fees are calculated by reference to the law society guideline hourly rates, all rates are excluding VAT.


Further guidance can be obtained at

What our service involves:

We offer a professional service with very reasonable fees and flexible payment terms for all of our clients. If clients cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of the instructions, we are happy to accept half of the agreed fee at the time of initial instructions and the balance to be paid within 28 days. Our agreed fee covers all work relating to your matter including;

  • Taking initial instructions

  • Providing advice on which documents would be needed for your type of application

  • Checking the support documents for the application/appeal

  • Preparing the necessary application/appeal forms on your behalf

  • Preparing grounds of appeal

  • Preparing representations in support of your application

  • Sending the application form, representations and support evidence to the Home Office

  • Representing the client at the tribunal hearings/appeals

  • All communication between the Home Office and other agencies concerning your application/appeal until we receive a written decision in your matter.

Please be advised that we will not issue any refund if you withdraw your instructions. Furthermore, please note that the prices quoted does not include the Home Office fee, clients will be responsible for paying the Home Office fees/appeal fees (HO fees vary depending on the type of the application).

Time Estimate:

It is difficult to estimate how long it will take before the Home Office can reach a decision in your matter as this will depend on a case and a caseworker dealing with the application. However, we can only give a rough estimate that most straight forward cases can takes between 3 to 6 months for the Home Office and or courts to provide a decision, and complicated cases it can take between 3 to 12 months.

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