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Visa granted to an overstayer outside the rules

Visa granted to a client in same day representations.

Client was illegal in.the UK since 2013. He only developed a relationship with a lady in 2017 October. He was then advised to register civil marriage as no enough paperwork for 2 years relationship. The spouse British had a son in the UK but divorced.

Same day application was booked more than a month ago and MYM Solicitors worked hard with clients for a month to arrange paperwork.

Interesting point is thhat client was advised by renowned solicitors in the field that Human Rights and Outside the rules applications can not be made on premium same day service.

Previously 7 years same day application was made by MYM Solicitiros and again solicitors advised client that is impossible. However MYM Solicitors successfully obtained the visa for.them on same day.

Finally this day on premium service a visa was granted despite client sat a ETS Toeic English exam in 2012 and client couldn't remember most answers. Successful representation were made not to refuse client on the ETS.

Clients were extremely happy with the outcome.

MYM Solicitors always work to unite family despite strict immigration rules.

MYM Solicitors love the challenges, making possible what is impossible.

If you have any visa that has not be successful or you are overstayer for long time contact us and we will advise you on the merits.

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