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More than 40% of council houses sold off under Right to Buy are now being rented out by private land

More than 40% of all the council houses sold off under the Tories’ Right to Buy scheme are now being rented out by private landlords, it was revealed today. The infamous policy, introduced under Margaret Thatcher, gives council tenants the right to buy their houses at a huge discount. But analysis by trade publication Inside Housing found the number of so-called ‘right-to-buy-to-let’ homes had risen by 7% in just two years. It means houses which were built to give the poorest in society a place to live are now being let out at significantly higher rents. The average private rented sector rent is £88 per week in England, while private rents are £210. In London, this gap grows from £108 for council rents to £359 for private rents. 

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